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Awards and Features

Discover the accolades that define us. From prestigious awards to notable features, we take pride in our journey of recognition and excellence. Explore the world of Koru Ink, where art meets acclaim.

📍New Delhi

1st in Best Realism at Heartwork Tattoo Festival, New Delhi

Subhojit bagged the best hyper-realistic category in the year 2015.



2nd in Best Small Black & Grey at Neon Tattoo Festival, Assam

Rocky bagged the best small black and grey category in the year 2019.

rocky award.jpg


1st in Young Upcoming Artist at Inksoul Tattoo Festival, Bangalore

Satya bagged the best young upcoming artist category in the year 2022.

satya inksoul.jpg


3rd in Best of the Show at Inksoul Tattoo Festival, Bangalore

Subhojit bagged the best of the show category in the year 2022.

inksoul tej subho 3.jpg
tej tat4.jpg


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