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The creative force and head tattoo artist at Koru Ink, blazing a trail in revolutionizing the tattooing industry of Hyderabad. Drawing inspiration from the wonders of nature, he crafts surreal and visionary designs that seamlessly blend the natural and spiritual realms.

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Step into a day at Koru Ink, where passion and creativity come alive at Hyderabad's best t

Multiple awards earned by Subhojit showcases his profound passion for the art and science of tattooing.

Notably, he was awarded
1st in Best Black and Grey Realism at Heartwork Tattoo Festival 2015 in New Delhi and secured Second Runner-Up as Best of the Show at InkSoul Tattoo Festival 2022 in Bangalore.

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One of Hyderabad's finest award winning tattoo artists, Subhojit is known for his innovative approach, constantly experimenting with his illustrative visionary tattoo style. He is also an expert at creating lifelike portraits, showcasing his dedication and artistic skill.

Bringing over a decade of tattooing expertise, Subhojit has perfected his craft working in renowned studios, including Lizard’s Skin Tattoo Studio (Best Tattoo Studio in Kolkata) and Iron Buzz Tattoos & Art Studio (Best Tattoo Studio in Mumbai).

Beyond the ink, Subhojit is an avid traveller and a seeker of creativity, constantly tapping into his inner child for inspiration.
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Hailing from the vibrant tattoo scene of Hyderabad, Subhojit stands as one of the best tattoo artists in town, propelling the city's tattooing culture into a new era.

Join us on this artistic journey, where Subhojit's talents will bring your tattoo visions to life!

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Tattoos by Subhojit

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